Through the Breaking Glass
A través del espejo

Three stars fall from the sky and transform into the pieces of a broken mirror. Alice, already a woman, awakens in a wonderful land. She doesn't remember either her name or how she got there, for that matter.

Each piece of broken glass hides a secret: a solitary and rainy alley, a little girl in a hospital, and a creature born from the darkness.

Alice will have to unveil the mystery of the broken glass before 6
o'clock, when terrible things are bound to occur…

Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Directed, Written, and Produced by Iván Mena-Tinoco.
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100 Artists from 15 countries were involved in the postproduction. We developed a virtual community where all artists share their craft and approaches to create and develop the film's final look where I reconceived Lewis Carroll'sCarroll's universe in a unique take on Alice'sAlice's adventures in Wonderland.  

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Full Film. 15 min

Behind the Scenes of Original Soundtrack Recording

Visual FX Breakdown

Creating the Raven - Concept Art 


::Honorable Mention of the Jury Palm Springs ShortFest 2014
::Best ShortFilm International Film Festival Manhattan (U.S.)
::Jury Award USA Film Festival 2015 (U.S.)
::Best Fantasy Short Award Here Be Dragons Film Festival (UK)
::Honorable Mention of the Jury Porto7 2014
::Best Film 2015 “Film Makers of the Year” (Indonesia)
::Best Foreing Short California International Shorts Festival 2015 (U.S)
::Award of Outstanding Excellence International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy (Indonesia)
::Best Editing Filmmaker International Film Festival (Spain).

::Official Selection International Shortfilmfestival in Drama (EFA Awards)
::Official selection Cinequest (Academy qualifying festival, U.S.)
::Official selection Busan International Short Film Festival (South Korea)
::Official selection Gijón International Film Festival (Academy qualifying festival, Spain)
::Official Selection "Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival"
::Official Selection "Adana Golden Boll Film Festival"
::Official Selection "Grossmann Fantastic Film Festival" (Mèliés d´argent Awards)
::Official Selection Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Mèlies d´argent Awards)
::Official selection 36th Cairo International Film Festival. (Egypt)
::Official selection Sonoma International FilmFestival (U.S.)
::Official selection Victoria TX Independent Film Festival (U.S.)
::Official selection Mostra de Curtas Noia 2014 (Spain)
::Official selection Newport Beach Film Festival (U.S.)
::Official selection Kansas City Film Fest (U.S.)
::Official selection FantBilbao (Spain)
::Official selection Timecode: NOLA Indie Film Fest (U.S.)
::Official selection Nocturna (Spain)
::Official selection Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival (Mèliés Awards, Belgium)
:Official selection Sunderland Shorts (UK)
::Official selection La Costa Film Festival (U.S.)
::Official selection Vancounver International Film Festival (Canada)
::Official selection Austin Short Fest (U.S.)
::Official selection Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival (Ukraine)
::Official selection Action on Film (U.S.)
::Official selection Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (Spain)
::Official selection Woodstock Film Festival (U.S.)
::Official selection San Jose International Short Film Festival (U.S)
::Official selection NewYork Shorts Fest (U.S)
::Official selection HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 (U.S)