Iván Mena-Tinoco is a multidisciplinary director and writer known for pushing the boundaries of storytelling with a revolutionary approach to every project: creating and directing memorable commercials, award-winning short films and music videos, live fashion shows, and compelling imagery for theatre all over the World, from Europe and the Middle East to Asia and the U.S.

He started his career at an early age studying piano and guitar for 12 years in the Conservatory of Classical Music in his hometown Bilbao (Spain). After studying Industrial Engineer, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. He became an expert in Visual Effects while working in London as a VFX Compositor at DNEG, three times Academy Award Winner, which provided him a perfect marriage of technology and art.
His film Through the Breaking Glass won, among other International Awards, the “Honorable Mention of the Jury” in Palm Springs. And brought him to New York to direct and develop from its inception the commercial “Beer Country” for Budweiser’s Super Bowl Campaign LII.

Now moving into narrative, Iván is attached to direct Back Home, a sci-fi thriller produced by Sunil Perkash (Salt, Enchanted, Premonition), and developing Birth, a fantasy horror feature, with writer Thomas Vowles