Aristocrazy / Mercedes-Benz
Fashion Week

El de Aristocrazy en la Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid es ya un desfile para la historia de la pasarela madrileña"
"Aristocrazy´s show in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week belongs to the history of Madrid´s fashion"

VOGUE. Article: "Crazy for you!"

For the first jewelry fashion show in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Creative Director Juan Ros and I imagined a universe where the boundaries between fiction and reality are non-existent.  

With multiple projectors and synchronized LED screens, we created a 270 degrees canvas to surround the audience in a surreal World-inspired by the craft and art of Aristocrazy. We created a meticulous choreography between the real elements in the catwalk and the pre-shot images.

In a record time, I directed and created with my team, 16 minutes of visuals for Aristocrazy, the first Fashion Show of a Jewel Designer in the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Madrid.

Frontal Screen 26x10 meters, 2 perpendicular screens 22x2 meters and a led in the catwalk syncronized with the central projection.